Saturday, July 31, 2010

Love it!

I got this shoes and ordered from kurdapyaz collection. I love it.

I am so materialistic now. If I think it is nice and my consultant will say yes so get it.. hehehee Even they are not so trusted because it is online and not safe the money to delivered with but we was tried and got it now.
Sometimes, we must understand to have some points that cannot so trusted and safe but  I think sometimes  we need also to trust that people . When the time we need to order it was so complicated and my husband it so disagreed because of the way by transferring on money. H e wanted to have credit  card but it was on Pay pal. And now he said, it's good was came. And glad i got because my banker said if I did not got it never bought again! huhu It was scared..hehe

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

H&M jeans

This is the top jeans for men on 2008 base on H&M shop. I guess  these are good denim for men that they have many style,that  is relaxed, straight, skinny and slim.
Speaking jeans, when we went around all the clothes shop together with Sharon one of also Filipino women. I brought also my husband when i saw some sale of jeans at H&M shop. Because, he just have few of this. And gladly, I convinced him  to have new  one and finally we bought but just only one. He planned to gonna buy at Philippines because they are cheap but i concerned about he always used the same as he had. hehe

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I got some clothes on our last ordered at our online shop. hehe And then, one of some clothes are not good to my husband and he did not like and was returned it. So, we changed into a boots..You can see here at picture that black one i got. So, cool and nice..One thing also that before I don't like the hells but this one is not so high it's normal for me so I will be little higher more if I gonna used it.

My weight...

Last few days, I really felt that heavy on my body. So, I have been asking some of my friends at where I came from and she said that I am fat now. OMG!
And then , my husband also complain on it hehe.. So, I have been remembered at when we are at IKEA shopping  mall somewhere in Sweden. I got this one ! You can see here at picture. hehe And it's was really good because is not so expensive haha even they are not in our list why we had been driving with 8 hours (haha.)until IKEA,Haparanda,Sweden..We had been traveled because my husband wanted to see the kitchen equipment and the important thing we bought is frying pan hehe it was so expensive because we just traveled to buy on that things.
Speaking in my weight that i thought i am now fat, but it was so amazing i am still the same weight as before. Oh thanks my Lord!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

spring roll

My first ever made this spring roll.I tried to make this because my husband was tasting with one his friend of mind wife made Thai spring roll but i did not know with it had noodles.One of the owner of this Asian store said that Thailand spring roll had with noodles.But,i just mad with Filipino ingredients.It was good!

Monday, July 12, 2010


My collection that my husband bought to me.I almost having long sleeves because you know it's cold country here.Even they are summer now but you can not wear some without sleeve or sleeveless.When you go out here you cannot wear sleeveless.I had always summer jacket now but not so thick........

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My favorite

I really love havaianas slipper.On last Saturday we had been a little tour at Narvik.While we was seeking little some shoes and everything i never thought and expected i can saw this slipper.I had this slipper at Philippines but sadly when my sister had used  it was destroyed.And now,i had again.It was luckily because it's 30 percent sale.So,i was definitely glad i bought this.This types of slipper are expensive at Philippines.The normal price here it was 299 kroner and 30 percent we paid 209 kroner.Yeheey!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I love it..

On my latest post here about on guess wallet.And now i am really looking  for a guess bag as  the same  color in my wallet.I saw one some friend in facebook who was have some business about bag and everything.But  i'm not lucky it was out of stocks.I looked forward also some of the shop here in Harstad there's nothing i like it.I wished some day i can have this.Because,i thought this kind of bag are good in quality.I thought they are not some like in leather.I hope so i could find this some another day.

My dreamed!

I grown up and lived  in mountain.Which we have old and not comfortable house without electricity and some another things like furniture ,TV and etc.How wished i can have one of this house for my family.I dreamed i can build a most comfortable and little bigger than the old one now.But,i guess i cannot do it now because i don't have income either.I did not yet work and always depending on my husband..huhu..It's very pity i could not help before i got married.Perhaps,there some chances  maybe one day i will win in  lotto hehehe..What a big dreams.!!

My desert after eating

Guys,are you also one of those who will used eating yogurt?As you know all,yogurt are for diet portion.But for me i cannot say i am dieting.I used to ate yogurt after meal.I used to be one of my desert.Base on my search,Activia is the leader in the probiotics craze-a fad for microrganisms.This good for digestive problems.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Advancing Oxidative Stress Technology

How stressed are you?I am a little stress when i heard that one of our Norwegian friend of mind had serious operation about on his urine and he couldn't pee without this artificial hose.We feels pity with him.

Speaking stressed,i would like to  recommend  to everyone this OXIS International.This products provider for potent antioxidant,glutathione,penny stocks , free radical and the best  anti-aging compound of the world.This OXIS FDA approved for the  treatment of arthritic inflammation in veterinary use called Palosein (NAD/NADA#045 863).Palosein is a form Superoxide Dismutase(SOD)that's derived from bovine liver.Oxis currently certifying its manufacturing process and is actively seeking
 partnerships with distributors to sell Palosein the veterinary channel.Oxis will provide information on Palosein as further progress is achieved.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Are you used to buy thing with brand?Base on the staff where we bought this guess wallet,guess are the one of the expensive brand.They  are expensive but affordable,good in quality also.One thing that's why we bought this because it's not leather .This is cloth.I had been a leather bag sadly  was destroyed easily.So,i thought always next time and the time i look for thing with brand and cloth.It was 500 kroner  price and the  value this in Philippines money are maximum 4000-4500 pesos.Wow it so expensive!

Are you bored?

Are you guys feel bored?We know mostly people complain  feeling bored  if there's nothing can do it.
Some people learned to had work or to be busy every minute.There's one of this they have daily and permanent work.They can forget the time and the time can pass very quickly.In the meantime,we need to adopt our body move.
In my ways,even are you just staying in the house make a ways can do to make a time pass.
The best thing can do,try to go out and ride in a bike.On this picture here,i been biking from house until in the people park.I guess the best idea,if you guys had a bike,why you will try to used it ?Biking is my one and the best hobbies,if my husband not busy and work we are biking together.We are biking in 42 kilometer.From 8 o'clock in the evening  until we got home almost 12 o'clock.I know you will be wonder why we are biking in the night?As you can know now here in Norway are 24 hours  light because it is summer season here.Biking can get more good in our body that we need.If we prefer  to go out and have some walking,biking and another thing can do maybe it will be not bored.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Some clothes

We ordered also some sale at are some dress,leggings,blouses.They are sale at ELLOS this time.And some of this are  discount.Imagine if we did not yet discount we PAY can so much including the shoes .But because,we are  good costumer we got a big discount.If we ordered in 500 kroner we can have 150 kroner  discount some like that.
They have nice style,and  good quality .Before i came here at Norway,i had some clothes that my husband bought and ordered from ellos.They have many nices clothes.There are some little problem with in exact size because you know the model here in Norway are tall.Oh yeah,i am little tall but not exactly the same because they are tallest than to me.So maybe must be calculate if this kind of clothes it will be fit on you.I have a lot of clothes now.But,sometimes  it will be problem to me to choice which combination i will be use.I am not so known about fashion but i would like to learn.
I learned some at magazine.The magazine from ellos.We got a thick magazine from them.I have a lot some of this.I keep it!Sometimes,i gonna read it and i can learned some Norwegian Languages.I can learned some part of this things.I can understand some word in Norwegian clothes.They are different in English languages.For example,a dress they are kjole.A dress in Norwegian are for men.See,they are big different!
But  i think once you lived here in Norway maybe you will be like as Norwegian people.I think i can do to speak .But the best thing we can do here is to listen,remember and can speak , understand English.Because,as you know some people cannot speak and understand English they are hard for them,So,we are happy that i am pinay!Even,i just finish high school can understand and speak..Bravo Pinay!


Sko "All Star Light Hi" - Black/White PlaidSko "All Star Light Hi" - Black/White PlaidSko "All Star Light Hi" - Camellia Rose/White PlaidSko "All Star Light Hi" - Camellia Rose/White Plaid
I got this last day.My husband ordered and bought for me by online.It was at really love the style and color.This color can be pair with in different colors.There have also many different colors and style.But for me this is  the best in my eyes and what i feel.I have another jogging shoes but it is different style and color.It was color red that's why i cannot used another color.I can use just with has red color also.This has good quality and good name.They are little expensive but affordable.We can use forever and ever.We can use comfortable !!!!!!This have another color pink!!It's nice also.You will be like it !You can find also at

Human's need

This blog is about  human  needs.What i mean all the things needed into human.I will collecting,posting all the information about the things needed into a person.For example,houses,clothes,cosmetics,foods,perfume,bags,sandals,shoes and many things.We can see on this site all the information on fashion.
I thought this the best i should post.I must show all the types of clothing here.Mostly woman are very active on fashion.Woman are very sensual about clothes but some other mens also.
I should welcome myself and ready to prepare what i will be in my mind.What i will be posting every single day.I need to think all the good things that i can post here.
This blog created on July 2,2010.