Saturday, July 3, 2010


Are you used to buy thing with brand?Base on the staff where we bought this guess wallet,guess are the one of the expensive brand.They  are expensive but affordable,good in quality also.One thing that's why we bought this because it's not leather .This is cloth.I had been a leather bag sadly  was destroyed easily.So,i thought always next time and the time i look for thing with brand and cloth.It was 500 kroner  price and the  value this in Philippines money are maximum 4000-4500 pesos.Wow it so expensive!


Anne said...

Pagka sosyal naa naman lagi ka wallet nga guess asa man nimo na palita. So adto nasad palit sa bag... pagkamahal sad diay kana waaaaaaaaaa...dili ko ka afford ana kay pobreng alindahaw man lang akow... heheh

Julieta Yttervik said...

naku maka afford ka ania oi..oo ana man sad bag pero mahal kaayu dili sa ko ganahan..