Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Men accessories

Hello guys, it's a bit long days I did not been updating my corner here in blog becuase I got a temporary worked that have a quite little salary but it's allright. I continued to worked in a big store here in town and I assigned in clothes and shoes department. I worked to make ordered the shoes, hanging clothes and try to help the costumer if they asked something.
Speaking clothes, a lot of differents style of clothes for children, adults and for teens also. But I recognized this nice silk tie that can perfect to my husband if he going to played band in  an elegant ocassion. Black tie is intired lining to give them richer  fuller look, and ensuring the perfect knot. Tie Cufflinks are all made from the same pure silk fabric and come into attractive packaging with also the mens belt and etc. Just see out online for more info.