Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My wished to have one

Who can give on this type of apple ipod? If you can give this I will give a million kiss. I cannot afford to buy it as now. I have much priorities. I hope one day there's a luck human can give it to me free. hehe I hope so how I wished. I can buy but I need to have more income and thinking all the thing that is importnat. wehehe

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ever and then

I supposed to apologized! What? Anyway, I supposed to apologized my self that I did not updating here now and then. I cannot imagine how my life went on that time. My life was so stresse and thought much about such thing.
And incredible, was taken an exam for the higher level. What was it? Anyway, It was an exam of the languages here in Norway. It's went not yet my luck ever and then. Even I thought I just trying it but I worked it hardly but it was not enough yet. I need to work little more. What is that mean? Oh no, I need my self to learn more and speak more fastly without thinking more. Apparently, this means that I need to speak like that they did. It is mean that I need to speak also properly thier dialect. Oh my gosh. This is not anyway totally needed. Just only need 300 hours. But if we take this exam we have many chances. I have chance can go to university or high level. Some of the officials work they need this exam that prove we can properly talking norwegian. What is the human needs in this new world for me. See you around next time.