Thursday, July 8, 2010

I love it..

On my latest post here about on guess wallet.And now i am really looking  for a guess bag as  the same  color in my wallet.I saw one some friend in facebook who was have some business about bag and everything.But  i'm not lucky it was out of stocks.I looked forward also some of the shop here in Harstad there's nothing i like it.I wished some day i can have this.Because,i thought this kind of bag are good in quality.I thought they are not some like in leather.I hope so i could find this some another day.

My dreamed!

I grown up and lived  in mountain.Which we have old and not comfortable house without electricity and some another things like furniture ,TV and etc.How wished i can have one of this house for my family.I dreamed i can build a most comfortable and little bigger than the old one now.But,i guess i cannot do it now because i don't have income either.I did not yet work and always depending on my husband..huhu..It's very pity i could not help before i got married.Perhaps,there some chances  maybe one day i will win in  lotto hehehe..What a big dreams.!!

My desert after eating

Guys,are you also one of those who will used eating yogurt?As you know all,yogurt are for diet portion.But for me i cannot say i am dieting.I used to ate yogurt after meal.I used to be one of my desert.Base on my search,Activia is the leader in the probiotics craze-a fad for microrganisms.This good for digestive problems.