Monday, July 5, 2010

Advancing Oxidative Stress Technology

How stressed are you?I am a little stress when i heard that one of our Norwegian friend of mind had serious operation about on his urine and he couldn't pee without this artificial hose.We feels pity with him.

Speaking stressed,i would like to  recommend  to everyone this OXIS International.This products provider for potent antioxidant,glutathione,penny stocks , free radical and the best  anti-aging compound of the world.This OXIS FDA approved for the  treatment of arthritic inflammation in veterinary use called Palosein (NAD/NADA#045 863).Palosein is a form Superoxide Dismutase(SOD)that's derived from bovine liver.Oxis currently certifying its manufacturing process and is actively seeking
 partnerships with distributors to sell Palosein the veterinary channel.Oxis will provide information on Palosein as further progress is achieved.