Monday, August 29, 2011


It was yummy Goldilocks classic polvoron. When you are from another country and we ofcoures missing our natural taste of food. I missed so much salted fish and I got big one with this polvoron. Big thankful those who gave this. She went at Phil. for vacation and got it as pasalubong. hehehe

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I bought new one

I was gladly that I got my list to buy one. I bought it in my own income. Atleast I did not more bugging my hubby to buy one. I knew it is expensive but ofcoures it was one of my dream to have one. It is simple and elegant. I wanted to have gold one but I saw to much gold and it was look like too much color. So, I bought this simple  guess watch.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I got new watch

I bought brand new original guess watch. I dream to have one watch in gold but I found a silver one. It is awesome and more elegant. But I need to surfing again where I can find gold one. I hope soon I can see it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My dream

My dream to have a gold watch. Within this style. Oh no.. When it will be happen that..hehe I need to save more becuase I did not have enough budget for this collection.hehe

Sunday, May 15, 2011

All people knows

I know all people know that we must proper diet. We must eat balance diet. It's remind me when I went at school at food we eat must be more vitamin and more. I used to eat that healthy food. You know who is my reminder person that when the time I eaten junk foods he will be more bla bla that food no more nutrients. But anyway, I just eat that I think once in a month if I am right. I used to eat fruits, vegetables and more that good in the body. Once I eat meat need to have partner and that is vegetables or fruits. I am happy to see I love to eat fruits.!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Online Loan

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D&G watches

Oh no! I don't have yet watch. I going to work tomorrow . It is not easy to have not one. I went at store and I saw this types of watches. I need to save money  for this one.

Are you planning to go vacation?

I went to my friend of my mind yesterday .I tried to help a little to massage on her body. She was sick. She had stomache .But I need to massage little because she have ( kabuhi). She cannot eat well becuase of that she did not want to it. After I massage her body I let her to eat like( lugaw). I t was good for stomache to eat a soft rice with a lot of water and when it is warm also. She  wanted  to eat now a lot than like yesterday. And she going to doctor also today. But we talked about yesterday maybe when she getting well. We planned to go somewhere. That something special place. We planned also to go with one friend blogger also in Paris. But now I found this one of my tasked. Golf Shop is a website  with everything to do with golf or you wanted on holiday and vacation in Germany. Wow! I thought this good idea we go out there. I want to explore somewhere. Don't you worry if you are looking for the place need to stay there.  Hotel Chiemsee the name of thier hotel in online. Here are thier hotel you can check out. If you are going to know what is about their golf in online. You can know here on thier good and ability website. Golf is one of my tasked I done today!                                                               

I bought one

I bought this kind of mobile out in Philippines. It was not yet in my list. I planned to have another brand. But the sale lady said she recommended this samsung super clear .And convinced also. But it was little bit expensive. I hope I will not tempted in to another type of mobile!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fun things for women and children

Wow! I can't imagine how it was long time ago I did not updated here. As all you know I have been at vacation where I came from. It was good to see again my family espesially my mother. It  was nice to feel the hot place. And I came back again here in cold country. Until then I did not yet working and I have now time to take a time visiting you back here. I honestly willing to have an online job. I am very interesting to do my job here. Well ! It is now time to share the job I need to post here now. Are you guys looking for fun things for children or for women? I found a fun things for you all. Anyway, we are women and need ourself to have fun things. We have a lot to think about things that can be fun! And anyway for children. I can suggest you guys preschool nap mats. This is reliable and good products. This is good for your children. In our daily life, we have to think some house works. Specially , to all women that only in the house. They take good care the house and also children. We need to have a comfortable laundry bags where we can put the dirty clothes. Apparently, if whe have a kids we can have so much laundry. So we must think where we can storage them all. As I heard with my friend, she used  personalized tote bags. I wonder what is it? I just understand that words bag. But  I need to clarify what it is about?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My wished to have one

Who can give on this type of apple ipod? If you can give this I will give a million kiss. I cannot afford to buy it as now. I have much priorities. I hope one day there's a luck human can give it to me free. hehe I hope so how I wished. I can buy but I need to have more income and thinking all the thing that is importnat. wehehe

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ever and then

I supposed to apologized! What? Anyway, I supposed to apologized my self that I did not updating here now and then. I cannot imagine how my life went on that time. My life was so stresse and thought much about such thing.
And incredible, was taken an exam for the higher level. What was it? Anyway, It was an exam of the languages here in Norway. It's went not yet my luck ever and then. Even I thought I just trying it but I worked it hardly but it was not enough yet. I need to work little more. What is that mean? Oh no, I need my self to learn more and speak more fastly without thinking more. Apparently, this means that I need to speak like that they did. It is mean that I need to speak also properly thier dialect. Oh my gosh. This is not anyway totally needed. Just only need 300 hours. But if we take this exam we have many chances. I have chance can go to university or high level. Some of the officials work they need this exam that prove we can properly talking norwegian. What is the human needs in this new world for me. See you around next time.