Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are you planning to go vacation?

I went to my friend of my mind yesterday .I tried to help a little to massage on her body. She was sick. She had stomache .But I need to massage little because she have ( kabuhi). She cannot eat well becuase of that she did not want to it. After I massage her body I let her to eat like( lugaw). I t was good for stomache to eat a soft rice with a lot of water and when it is warm also. She  wanted  to eat now a lot than like yesterday. And she going to doctor also today. But we talked about yesterday maybe when she getting well. We planned to go somewhere. That something special place. We planned also to go with one friend blogger also in Paris. But now I found this one of my tasked. Golf Shop is a website  with everything to do with golf or you wanted on holiday and vacation in Germany. Wow! I thought this good idea we go out there. I want to explore somewhere. Don't you worry if you are looking for the place need to stay there.  Hotel Chiemsee the name of thier hotel in online. Here are thier hotel you can check out. If you are going to know what is about their golf in online. You can know here on thier good and ability website. Golf is one of my tasked I done today!                                                               

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