Sunday, March 4, 2012

I got love, wish, and kiss



 Did you know where I found that three words? I got love, wish and kiss. I got love becuase I love VS lotion ever. And I wish to have more VS. Finally, when I got it all you guys can get two kisses. Anyway, I just shared all this items becuase I owned this now. When I got it! What I can say? Are they possible? New items! Was really true! Yes, if you love this kind of lotion, and minst so you can relate how happy I can have this items.

Friday, March 2, 2012


I am sitting now , coughing and sneezing always. I had a fever last night. My eyes was colored red I did not know why maybe becuase I have a fever. It's getting little better my fever but I taste bitter. So, maybe I have a little bit fever in my body. I wanna go to work but I decided to be home today too. I decided yesterday to go work eventhough I had not feeling well but we have been car accident so I didn't  continue to go work. To days absent at work and now updating here.
While coughing and sneezing and holding handkerchief all the time hehe . But I did to be home. I don't to be out as now. It's snowing and windy a little.
I read  magasin many people had influensa on this place. It takes two weeks it will be ok. But I don't want to  wait that two weeks in the house only. I can rest just this weekend and try  back to work in Monday.
Have a nice day everyone and be safe.