Saturday, July 3, 2010

Are you bored?

Are you guys feel bored?We know mostly people complain  feeling bored  if there's nothing can do it.
Some people learned to had work or to be busy every minute.There's one of this they have daily and permanent work.They can forget the time and the time can pass very quickly.In the meantime,we need to adopt our body move.
In my ways,even are you just staying in the house make a ways can do to make a time pass.
The best thing can do,try to go out and ride in a bike.On this picture here,i been biking from house until in the people park.I guess the best idea,if you guys had a bike,why you will try to used it ?Biking is my one and the best hobbies,if my husband not busy and work we are biking together.We are biking in 42 kilometer.From 8 o'clock in the evening  until we got home almost 12 o'clock.I know you will be wonder why we are biking in the night?As you can know now here in Norway are 24 hours  light because it is summer season here.Biking can get more good in our body that we need.If we prefer  to go out and have some walking,biking and another thing can do maybe it will be not bored.

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