Friday, July 2, 2010

Some clothes

We ordered also some sale at are some dress,leggings,blouses.They are sale at ELLOS this time.And some of this are  discount.Imagine if we did not yet discount we PAY can so much including the shoes .But because,we are  good costumer we got a big discount.If we ordered in 500 kroner we can have 150 kroner  discount some like that.
They have nice style,and  good quality .Before i came here at Norway,i had some clothes that my husband bought and ordered from ellos.They have many nices clothes.There are some little problem with in exact size because you know the model here in Norway are tall.Oh yeah,i am little tall but not exactly the same because they are tallest than to me.So maybe must be calculate if this kind of clothes it will be fit on you.I have a lot of clothes now.But,sometimes  it will be problem to me to choice which combination i will be use.I am not so known about fashion but i would like to learn.
I learned some at magazine.The magazine from ellos.We got a thick magazine from them.I have a lot some of this.I keep it!Sometimes,i gonna read it and i can learned some Norwegian Languages.I can learned some part of this things.I can understand some word in Norwegian clothes.They are different in English languages.For example,a dress they are kjole.A dress in Norwegian are for men.See,they are big different!
But  i think once you lived here in Norway maybe you will be like as Norwegian people.I think i can do to speak .But the best thing we can do here is to listen,remember and can speak , understand English.Because,as you know some people cannot speak and understand English they are hard for them,So,we are happy that i am pinay!Even,i just finish high school can understand and speak..Bravo Pinay!

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