Saturday, July 24, 2010

My weight...

Last few days, I really felt that heavy on my body. So, I have been asking some of my friends at where I came from and she said that I am fat now. OMG!
And then , my husband also complain on it hehe.. So, I have been remembered at when we are at IKEA shopping  mall somewhere in Sweden. I got this one ! You can see here at picture. hehe And it's was really good because is not so expensive haha even they are not in our list why we had been driving with 8 hours (haha.)until IKEA,Haparanda,Sweden..We had been traveled because my husband wanted to see the kitchen equipment and the important thing we bought is frying pan hehe it was so expensive because we just traveled to buy on that things.
Speaking in my weight that i thought i am now fat, but it was so amazing i am still the same weight as before. Oh thanks my Lord!

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