Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I wishing this bag..

Guys, I am not totally back here. I cannot promise to update my page here everyday. I work everyday with in 8 hours as a substitute but I am so happy I  have work and I can earned a little money for me and my family. What I wished to me now is to have this bag. It's maybe same style and color and brand. I am looking to have bag like this that good quality and affordable . I hope I can buy one soon... I looked  at some site and I found this one and grab it  but I need to pay safe too.. Any one knows? I pay via paypal.

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texas_sweetie said...

i love the color day and the style... get it hehe!

pls read my postings too about handbags.. maka relate ta sa usag usa kay nahan man pud kag handbag diay..

naa dri day palihug..

dghan pana postings about handbags nataguan nalang ang uban