Monday, August 16, 2010

The important needs to everyone

A need is something  that necessary for organisms to live a healthy life.Needs are distinguished from wants because  a deficiency would cause a clear outcome, such as dysfunction or death. Need can be objective and physical, such as food and water or they can be subjective and psychological , such as the need for self-esteem. On a societal level, needs are sometimes controversial. Understanding need and  wants is an issue in the fields of politic, social science and philosophy.
Here are how such needs satisfied? Doyal and Gough point to eleven broad categories of  'intermediate needs' that define how the need for physical health and personal autonomy are fulfilled:
1. Adequate nutritional food and water
2. Adequate protective housing
3. A safe environment for working
4. A safe physical environment
5. Appropriate health care
6. Security in childhood
7. Significants primary relationships with others
8. Physical security
9. Economic security
10. Safe birth control and child bearing
11.Appropriate basic and cross-cultural education.

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